The Donegals-Ladies
are a hobby group of irsh tap-enthusiastic women, who gets together once a week, every Thursday at the Frauenzentrum Matilde, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m., in order to joyfully and rapturously practice this special kind of dance!

If you are also of the fit and sporty kind, and you are interested in experiencing the Irish Tap Dance inside a nice group (gladly also 40 years old and above), give us a call and get
in touch with us...
Here are some impressions of our performances
... at the Western Restaurant “Richtershorn”   ... at the “Plattenfest” 2009
... as part of the “Kultour à la Carte”, at the Matilde   ... with lots of fun at the “Walpurgis Night” Party 2010