Donegals - Irish Dance Berlin,

and we cordially welcome you to their Website! We are a group of thunderous feet seized by the passion of Irish Dancing, who wants to share their enthusiasm with all those interested in Irish Dance. more...

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Dance at the Donegals,

is for beginners as well as also for advanced ones into been different any time possible forcourses of Primary to Intermediate. You can 6 or 60 years oldly, with us learn Irish Dance andexercise a different level in different groups whether in hobby or show group courses, whether. And so simply it works: And you already are it doing register under contact and a cost-free test training agree by phone or by e-mail!

We look forward to meeting you!

To the Donegals also belong,
a hobby irish tap dance group,
the Donegals-Ladies more...
and since 2009 there we also have
the Donegals-Kids,

Fáilte & Sláinte!

The Donegals-Irish Dance Berlin